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About Us

The individuals behind the Dog Welfare Network are also the founders of Lucky Tales: Dog Rescue Without Borders, a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that rescues dogs from Italy and Greece. We are a very small organisation, dedicated to the improvement of animal welfare across Europe and, indeed, the world, giving our time and effort on a completely voluntary basis.

Based in Kent, we have helped to re-home many dogs from European rescue centres, finding them caring families and individuals in the UK. We oversee the dogs' journey to this country and are in contact with relevant rescue centres across Europe.

Our Partners

We have many partners including dog rescue organisations from across Europe and airline companies and commercial sponsors. If you are looking for a particular organisation, please use this search facility to search for its name.

How You Can Help

There are many ways to help abandoned dogs - donating food, helping to find homes, visiting and walking a dog from a centre or contributing funds to help with neutering programmes.

Each organisation's Request Page shows you their top priorities and explains the various options that you can choose from in order to help.

Linking European Dog Rescue Centres - Sharing and Caring


Visiting the rescue organisation:

Visiting the rescue organisation, maybe volunteering to walk a dog. This is a simple activity that you can perform even whilst on holiday and it involves the whole family.

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This website has been designed to put people who want to help alleviate the suffering of stray and maltreated dogs and local dog rescue centres across Europe in touch with each other. Whether you are visiting a Continental European country on holiday or for business, you may notice starving, harmless dogs along the way.

This can be distressing and leave you wondering what you could do to help, but you may be unsure who to contact for more information, especially if you're not in your home country. Dog Welfare Network is here to help.

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