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Skiathos Dog Shelter,

Troulo, Skiathos, Greece


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Skiathos is a small Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea. Skiathos is the westernmost island in the Northern Sporades group, east of the Pelion peninsula in Magnesia on the mainland, and west of the island of Skopelos.

The main town is Skiathos (pop. 4,988 in 2001) and along with the airport are located to the northeast next to a lagoon. (Wikipedia)

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Skiathos Dog Shelter at Troulos on the Greek island of Skiathos is looking for visitors to bring donations of food and equipment, volunteers with relevant skills, fundraisers and people to adopt the dogs.

"We do not home dogs to families who will chain them up or keep them outside. We believe that a dog is for life and that every dog deserves a happy, secure future. It's a struggle sometimes to keep going.  The shelter has no electricity or running water. But it is a happy place where many dogs are loved for the first time in their lives - and a stepping-stone to their new lives with a home and a family."

What can you do to help? You might be able to offer:

1) A loving home for our rescue dogs

2) To act as an escort for dogs to their new homes

3) Donations of dog food

4) Help with walking and playing with the dogs

5) Dog behaviourist skills, to specific dogs overcome particular issues

6) Veterinary skills, to neuter dogs for free and/or provide other veterinary assistance

7) Vaccine donations

8) Help with meeting our veterinary bills

Skiathos Dog Shelter