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Elpida Shelter,

Livadia, Greece




Livadia is a city in central Greece. It is the capital of the regional unit Boeotia. Livadeia is located 130 kilometres (81 miles) NW of Athens.

The area around Livadeia are mountainous while farmlands are mainly in valley areas. Its industries are urban and rural in the outskirts. It is also home to Levadiakos FC who are in the Super League Greece. (Wikipedia)

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Elpida Shelter is situated in Livadia and is run by a woman who set up the shelter three years ago. The shelter needs donations of food, blankets etc as well as funds, sponsors, fundraisers and people to adopt the dogs.

"OUR GOALS… Improving the shelter, as there is hardly any protection against the weather or sun, the fencing around the shelter is falling apart. Improvements can be made by creating new areas for the dogs, smaller groups, providing more space for each dog, and less risk of fights over territory, food, toys etc. During the summer, it is crucial that the dogs are protected against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, as they carry diseases such as heartworm and leishmania. It is also our ambition to have all dogs vaccinated, have their blood tested, prevent diseases, have them spayed or neutered and micro chipped."

What can you do to help? You might be able to offer:

1) A loving home for our rescue dogs

2) To act as an escort for dogs to their new homes

3) Donations of dog food

4) Help with walking and playing with the dogs

5) Dog behaviourist skills, to specific dogs overcome particular issues

6) Veterinary skills, to neuter dogs for free and/or provide other veterinary assistance

7) Vaccine donations

8) Help with meeting our veterinary bills

Elpida Shelter